Schell Games: Transformational, inspirational, sensational

Learn how Unity limits the number of technical challenges that Schell Games faces, lowering the risk of experimentation, and allowing them to focus on creating unique, innovative titles.

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Schell Games The challenge: Limiting technical challenges

Needed a game-building foundation that would free them to focus on developing innovative and entertaining titles that can transform the player.

The solution: An easy-to-use, open game engine

Unity minimizes technical issues and reduces the inherent risk involved in creating unique, transformational games and experiences.

The results: An efficient workflow for quality titles
  • Flexible workforce: Able to move developers from one project to another and experiment with new technologies and hardware
  • Ability to experiment: Can move from mobile and VR to museum installations and educational projects
  • Streamlined pipeline: Can get quality titles, like VR success game, I Expect You to Die, to market fast
Download case study