Futureplay Case Story

How Unity Ads drives revenue from engagement and retention

Download this case study to learn the story of Futureplay’s hugely successful Farm Away! mobile release, and how they designed rewarded video ads that lead to greater player engagement and lifetime value.

    The challenges
  • An ambitious goal to launch their premiere release in less than half a year
  • Success depended on a monetization strategy that wouldn’t scare away players
  • Needed to create video ads that would complement their view-to-play model

The solution
With Unity Ads and the Unity Engine, native integration enabled Futureplay to design rewarded video ads that reinforce a positive player experience right from the start.

    The results
  • From concept to launch in five months
  • 80% daily ad conversion and 22 ads watched per install
  • $0.15 daily ARPU in the US market from increased engagement with players demanding more rewarded video ads