How Mindstorm tweaks games at lightning speed

Learn how Mindstorm, one of Pakistan’s leading game developers, is using Unity’s built-in analytics to anticipate player needs and continually improve their games.

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The challenge:
Stay one step ahead of your players – or lose them

When Mindstorm moved to the games-as-a-service model with their latest title, War Incorporated, they needed a way to respond dynamically to players’ evolving needs and tastes.

The solution:
Unity’s natively integrated analytics toolset

Unity Analytics’ features like Segment Builder, Data Explorer and Custom Events, which are built-in to the engine, enable Mindstorm to tweak and adapt their game at blistering speed.

The results:
Mindstorm was able to

  • Activate Unity Analytics with just one click. No SDK required.
  • Stay ahead of players’ needs by tracking meaningful game events.
  • Use insights about customized segments and different platforms to make, and act on sound decisions with Unity Analytics.

Key takeaway:

Enable Unity Analytics with one click to get immediate access to actionable insights.

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