From hobbyist to thriving mobile game studio

In 2012, Majid Khosravi began developing a mobile game with Unity in his spare time. Today, his games have over 10 million downloads, they turn a handsome profit, and Majid heads a thriving game studio with seven full-time employees who love their work as much as he does. This is Majid’s story.

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Twimler The challenge: Creating a game that is both engaging and successful

Building a profitable game would require, not only a game engine, but integrating a patchwork of different solutions, including ads, analytics, and IAP.

The solution: The Unity engine with built-in Ads, Analytics, and IAP features

Twimler used analytics insight to segment players and then implement ads and IAPs in just the right way to keep players engaged and generate revenue.

The results:
  • Fruit Bump and Jewel Mash games have achieved over 10 million downloads
  • DAU increased from around 500K to around 800K in two months
  • IAP sales up 70% and Ads revenue up 60% since starting to use Unity Ads in 2015
  • ARPDAU increased by 15%
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